Museum & Gallery Otevřeno

The Museum of Historical Motorcycles is located in the historical building of the former Mill. It used to be in the ground floor where the restaurant is now. Unfortunately, the Mill was completely flooded in 2002 and the Museum was moved shortly after that. Nowadays you can find about 20 motorcycles of different brands from different courtiers there. For example: Jawa, CZ, BMW, NSU or Harley Davidson. There are other historical items in the museum related to motoring. Part of the museum is a gallery where you can even buy historical furniture, clocks, or other antique goods. The gallery is mainly focused on paintings especially from Czech artists. You can find different kind of artists there like Wilhelm Fisher, Bohuslav Coufal or other landscape painters, which specialized on scenic corners of Cesky Krumlov, portrait paintings or religious themes. There are baroque paintings in the gallery as well as modern production from the 2nd half of 20th century.

Antique store in the Krumlov Mill

There are various kinds of goods in our antique store. You will find jewelry, coins, pocket watches, glass articles, porcelain, paintings, musical instruments, furniture and many others.

Small Water Power Station

The first record of the turbine was from the year 1900. There are three new turbines in the first plans of Mill modernisation. The great Jonval turbine powered the small Mill and the Haag turbine powered the great Mill. Around 1930 there were two speed Francoise turbines installed in the Mill. Working in downward flow of 1, 8 m and the capacity of both turbines is 5m3. Turbines were used for powering the transmission in the past. Nowadays there are two generators installed with the amount of 55 kW. Turbines have been renovated in 2002 and in 2005 ready to operate again. Since 2008 we have been using the power for our own purposes and the extra energy goes to the net. Because the generators are next to the restaurant it must be on a very low noise level. Our guests can visit the engine room if they are interested. We plan to get two more turbines in the future because ecologically speaking this is one of the oldest and cleanest source of energy.